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Shemales is used to refer to people who feel uncomfortable between the gender they feel is theirs “I am a man or I am a woman” and their gendered body. A personality disorder that can lead to a surgical procedure or a drug intake that favours the opposite kind of body.

Who am I exactly?

Transgender people often have the feeling of not being in the right body, suffer constant discomfort in relation to their own sex. Many, by the way, to explain to their relatives their feelings, explain that it is as if they had been given clothes in which they felt bad. We can live like that, but after a while, we want others to see us as we are, and not only through those clothes that do not define us and in which we do not recognize ourselves. Transgenderism is not a disease, it is not contagious and is not passed on to children, just as it is not a fad.

The sexual life with a trans

Having sex chat when you’re trans can be tricky for many reasons. First of all, we often have dysphoria that can make things more complicated. In addition, sex education and the portrayal of sex in the media are totally heterometric, which means that we have to manage without inclusive resources or specifically for us.

Help those shemale

The help of a psychologist can be very useful because the professional will not see it as a pathology, but will try to draw up an inventory of your life, to make you reveal your fear and your desires. Being transgender may be one possibility among others to express one’s identity, as others express it by being cisgender.

Finally, if our partner is cisgender, it can further complicate the situation, because even if it accepts our trans identity, there are things that this person will understand more difficultly.

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